Kite Surfing :
With consistent winds blowing throughout the season you can choose from riding tranquil waters or some amazing waves.

Rote is home of a diverse array of dive sites and add to that a couple offshore islands. Our service provider has PADI certified instructors and all the equipment and facilities.

SUP : 
Either you want to surf or learn how to SUP in a crystal clear lagoon with tranquil waters you are up to a great time out there guaranteed.

Pesca : 
With such a unpolluted and pristine sea, Rote offers great fishing spots.

Turismo & Cultura :
Roads are predominantly quite safe making travel around the island relatively simple. Cars and scooters are available for rent with most of the cars coming with a driver for very reasonable prices.

Our team can assist you with rentals and suggestions of what to do and where to go explore.