About us


Exclusive and luxurious!

From the moment we welcome you at Rote Airport or the Ferry terminal get ready for an unforgettable experience!

A typical day with us would start with a delicious breakfast prepared by our chef and then you choose what you would like to do!  If you have come to the surf, we will take you by boat to the best surf spots that suit your experience level from beginner to advanced!  For those who have come to relax, enjoy a yoga class and hang out on our beautiful property, stay at the beach and amazing view. You can also enjoy a Yoga classes and SPA treatment to relax.

For the adventure seeker, the Island offers unlimited activities such as bicycles, motorbike, SUP, kayaks, snorkeling, fishing, etc. We will take care of the arrangements to make sure you go to the best spot for your chosen activity at the best time!

(* Additional cost and reservation required)